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Turning Waste into Energy

The sustainable solution to Waste Oil

Biodiesel Production

Cooking Oil Collection

Sustainable and Safe Process

Good for the Environment and for Guatemala

Gasoline Pumps

What we Do

We turn Waste Oils into Biodiesel

How it works

Untitled drawing (16).png

We Take your UCO

We Recycle It

It Becomes Biodiesel

Replaces Diesel Fuel

truck (1).png

Main Advantages

90% Less CO2

When used, Biodiesel emmits up to 90% fewer CO2 than regular Diesel.

Lubricates the Engine

Biodiesel has better lubrication than regular diesel, which can lower maintenance costs.

Works in any Diesel Engine

Biodiesel works in normal diesel engines for cars, trucks, and generators with no modification.

Sustainable and Enviromental

Our process is safe and effective allowing us to make a diesel alternative that is significantly better for the enviorment

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